Battling bronliness



Our Mission:

conquer bronliness.

City and Hackney Carers Centre is pleased to present our new project, Brocals, which is a multi-generational befriending project for men 50+ who are residents of Hackney.

Who are the Brocals? Hackney Brocals are local men, or ‘bros’, who go all out to conquer the curse of ‘bronliness’ in their communities (definition: the state of being somewhat isolated, and somewhat bothered by it, but definitely also being too much of a bro to want to talk about it, like, ever). 

Brocals aims to support the psycho-social needs of older men through a regular series of minibus and coach trips within Hackney and outside London, and through home-based peer support for Older Bros who may not be able to get out of the house as much as they would like. 

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