Battling bronliness



Could You be a Brocal? 

Brocals is a free, community-led social movement offering friendship and support for men who are at risk of isolation and bronliness.

Do you want to make a difference in your local community who is at risk of or experiencing bronliness and isolation? Brocals pairs local people based on their shared likes, interests, experiences and geography. You will be supported to develop your skills and confidence as well as receive ongoing support.

We are now recruiting for Volunteer Befriending Bros and Transporter Bros. If you are outgoing, friendly, reliable and have excellent communication skills we want you.

UPDATE: Also desperately seeking a super-organised admin type person to help keep on top of things. If spreadsheets are your jam, please click below! 

The Transporter Bro

As a Transporter Bro, you will support Brocals to get out into the community and to engage in monthly trips around and outside of London. As a Transporter Bro, you would be required to undergo the one day MiDAS (Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme), which is delivered by instructors with years of experience to ensure you get the most out of the training. 

Transporter Bros have the option to be either drivers, or to be passenger assistants for wheelchair or disabled Bros. Transporter Bros will support all Brocals to connect with their community, meet other Hackney residents and develop a sustainable network of support. 

Trips are monthly, and are planned in advance and take place both inside and outside of London. If you are a Bro looking for a casual commitment, this is the role for you! We ask that you commit to a minimum of four trips annually. The trips are free for volunteers and you are encouraged to actively participate and interact with the Brocals. 


The Befriending Bro

As a Befriending Bro, you will be matched by the Brocals Coordinators with an Older Brocal (AKA Older Bro) who is experiencing social isolation and loneliness. You will have regular visits or check-ins with your Older Bro, and offer social contact and friendship. You will work with the Older Bro to develop sense of self-worth and confidence whilst reducing isolation.

Depending on the needs of the OB and his preferences your visits could fall in to 3 categories:

  • Going out and about in the community, for example for coffee, on a walk or to a local leisure centre

  • Visiting the person in his home and bringing the community to them by having drink and a chat, or doing an activity together

  • For Bros with more complex needs your visit might be shorter and involve you making sure they're happy in their home and being a friendly face every month

Are you a Bro looking for a regular commitment? We ask for a minimum commitment of 6 months for this role.

Interested in volunteering with Hackney Brocals?