Battling bronliness



The Epidemic of Bronliness

Older men are less likely than their female counterparts to have social contact with family members, and 1 in 3 older bros without a partner consider themselves to be socially isolated, and to feel lonely.

This is especially true for men who are unwell, recently discharged from hospital, bereaved, or live in sheltered or extra care accommodation.

The Brocals Buddying System is our way of tackling isolation and loneliness. Volunteer Befriending Bros will be paired up with an Older Bro and will visit him in his home or out in the community. Bros are matched on personality and shared interests.

Our Befriending Bros are fully trained to provide not only their time but also companionship and support to Older Bros living in their community.

Our Buddy Bros can:

Meet up once a week, at home or nearby

Help you engage in hobbies or leisure activities

Help you get out into the community

Photo: © Carers Trust